Is your child frustrated when they sit down to read a book?

Let’s fix that today!

Download this guide to help you choose the right books for your child in 4 easy steps.

We can teach your child to love to read without endless hours of arguing, even if they struggle to read now.

We provide in person and online tutoring to help children gain confidence in their reading skills and to become happy learners.

What people love about us

Tasha S.
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We took a class with Sharon and it was absolutely excellent and the teacher - spectacular! So much vocabulary covered, so many topics discussed and I can truly say that my 10 year old walked away with a smile on her face after each session!
Lauren C.
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We are extremely pleased. Daniel confessed he is actually having fun reading now (thanks to you!). He is not only learning the material but you are also building his confidence in reading. We are so very grateful!
Taylor H.
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Sharon is very helpful with her students, and takes time to get to know their strengths and weaknesses in all aspects of reading and other school subjects. She is very patient and kind, and knows a lot of great strategies to implement to help her students succeed.
Courtney B.
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Our daughter has always struggled with reading and fluency so I was looking for someone else besides “mom” to work with her. She needed more practice and this was a perfect answer. Tutoring with Sharon was so convenient. The online format made it easy to accommodate a busy family’s schedule. Sharon was extremely flexible as weekly schedules shifted occasionally. Our daughter always enjoyed her time with Sharon and felt confident at the end of each session.

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